Friday, December 1, 2017

OAC CSV download limit

OAC is external PaaS Cloud application from Oracle.  It does allows the customer to change some of the configuration parameters similar to on-premise OBIEE application.

But good thing is that OAC automated provisioning process itself take care of setting the correct configuration parameters based on the shape of the OAC Service instance.  There should not be a need for customer to change those parameters post provisioning.

For example,  CSV download parameter in the instanceconfig.xml are set based on the OAC shape.

Based on the Shape,

OC3M - CSV download limit is 65K
OC4M - CSV download limit is 500K

OC5M - CSV download limit is 1M

These values get set during provisioning and there should not be a need to change it further unless really needed.

OAC have two separate configuration settings for limiting excel and csv downloads,  DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownload and DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV respectively.

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